Saturday, May 15, 2010

workinG.....on my naNO-suIT

just took out some renders of my NANOSUIT........still working on it!!! all done in MAYA...towards the end of it.....presenting INDIA's NANOSUIT....for ADVANCED WARFIGHTERS..............!!!


  1. dude its awsome work .is this all your conecept?its wonderful but i wanna give you suggestion you used silver metal in whole body its looking good but i think that you should also apply it on the arms and shoulder and you can apply some neon effect light which uyou used in spex u can try it on shoulders ,chest and shoes it will work like contrast it will be looking much better keep it up dude god bless you : )

  2. okkk....thnx alot bro..i'll surely try it....thank u..

  3. i modeled it in maya totaly....will finish it soon..even the textures are left...